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We use both An Post and Fastway Couriers.


An Post provides an excellent service but Courier can be considerably cheaper for heavier orders (see table below)

 However a signature is required for courier delivery and a contact phone number.

What does it cost ? Delivery by Fastway Couriers is at a flat rate of 15 euro per parcel plus 3 euro for some orders

that need extra careful packing e.g. perennial flowers. We can get a lot of plants into one parcel, the one Ciara is

packing above contains over 100 young trees and hedging plants !

Parcels sent with An Post are charged at current postal rates determined by weight plus a small supplement for

packing. Every order is different. We are happy to give individual quotes or select the most suitable method but

please let us know if you have a preference.


An Post
Examples of Costs
charged by weight
up to 50 native hedging
100 native hedging
50 to 100 plants in small pots
1 or 2 small plants up to 2kg
Parcels weighing up to 2.5 kg
Costs ~ Ireland, 
32 counties
Fastway Couriers
Your postman has no problem 
finding you. No signature
required so you don't have to
be at home
Can be a lot cheaper for heavy 
More expensive for parcels 
weighing more than 5kg
Delivery to mainland addresses
only Signature required on 
delivery and phone no in case 
the driver needs directions
unit charge per parcel up to
25 kg
1 to 5 
deciduous trees
8 to 12 euro
15 euro
Up to 10 
1yr apple trees
approx 12 euro
15 euro
approx 12 to 17 euro
15 euro
18 to 22 euro
15 euro
more than 
100 hedge:
45 to 60 euro 
2 parcels
30 euro  2 parcels
38 euro  3 parcels
45 euro  4 parcels 
65 euro  cod pallet
less than 
20 plants in 
small pots
12 to 14 euro
15 euro
25 to 30 euro
15 to 18 euro
up to 7 shrubs in
2 litre pots
22 to 30 euro
15 to 18 euro
Costs ~ Mainland addresses England, Scotland and Wales 
(Rates to N.I. are same as the Republic)
12 to 15 euro.   unregistered small packet by post
20 to 30 euro by registered parcel post
Parcels up 
to 20 kg
30 to 35 euro by courier eg 100 hedging, 50 plants in liners,
10 fruit trees