(Cornus - several varieties)
Dogwoods are mostly grown for their coloured stems and provide a bright flash of colour in autumn and winter. We have several varieties but they all have similar habits - creamy, white flowers in spring, followed by blue,white berries, with oval dark green leaves, which redden in autumn, and then fall to reveal the gorgeous brightly coloured stems. They look great with other species in a mixed hedge or standing on their own. Dogwoods are very hardy and do well in sunny sites or partial shade and especially in moist areas. They are also very good in front of an evergreen hedge where normally nutrients, water and sunlight would be in short supply. To get the brightest coloured stems, Dogwoods should be treated with "tough love" - dont prune them in the first year, but after that, before they bud (February/March) cut them down to a woody base within 4" of the ground every year, feed and water well and you will be rewarded with bright new shoots. Old plants can be regenerated by cutting out the old wood from the centre of the plant. Home Living willow structures Willow Bed Kits Gift Vouchers Meet The Team Newsletter Testimonials Wigwam kit Arch and fedge kits Dome kits Willow arbour kits Hedges and Windbreaks Willow Cuttings Grow Your Own Woodfuel Delivery Contact