This is an super evergreen shrub with small, dark green glossy leaves and masses of bright flowers from June to October. It is suitable for most soils and situations and is particularly well suited to coastal situations but is not shade tolerant and does not like extremely cold positions. It is relatively fast growing at approx 30/45cm p.a. It should be pruned for shape after flowering. Our pink and red varieties have very small leaves - the white variety has larger, darker green leaves. We have numerous varieties available - please contact our helpdesk if you require a specific variety. Commonly used as a hedging plant, it grows about 1 ft per year, and reaches between 4-8 ft in height. It is happy in coastal areas, but not very tolerant of dry winds. Escallonia Macrantha  flowers from June to October. It has masses of rosy crimson flowers, with a honey fragrance.
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