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Intruder proof hedge If you want to keep intruders out, you may need a dense, difficult to penetrate hedge with thorns. Burglars will avoid barriers which can slow entry and escape and they know that a small item of ripped clothing or blood on your killer hedge can help the police identify them. Police advise different hedge heights in different places to secure your property. At the front of your property you want your neighbours or passers by to spot suspicious or unusual activity. Consequently, the police advise that you may wish to restrict the hedge height. A good ruleof thumb is to maintain the height of hedges and shrubs to about that of ground floor windowsills. This physical and psychological barrier is high enough to deter most burglars but low enough to ensure visibility. If you are planting a hedge at the rear of your property the police advise that they should be allowed to grow up to 6ft high (1.8m). If you have a wall or wooden fence at the rear, grow a hedge alongside and over it. Pyracantha and Berberis can be attached to fences or trained through a trellis to deter climbing. The same applies if you are growing a hedge to stop access to the rear of a house,  from the front. The following plants are often used for defensive planting and burglar/intruder proof hedging. Consider; Crataegus Monogyna or Common Hawthorn. If it can keep cows out, it can keep intruders out. Spiny, white spring flowers and deciduous. Blackthorn or Prunus Spinosa. Similar to hawthorn, just as spiky, but produces sloes. Barberry or berberis hedging. A thorny range with a range of Evergreen colours. Common Holly llex Aquifolium. A traditional hedge. It doesn't come bare root, but with our low prices it is very affordable. Holly can be both rural and formal depending on how it is cut. Good evergreen privacy. If you are planting a Hawthorn hedge, a bit of holly mixed in looks nice. Pyracantha has lovely flowers and is covered in berries in winter. It also has thorns like hypodermic needles. Rosa Rugosa can make a pretty but fast growing impenetrable hedge. Mahonia Aquifolium can be a nice deterrent under windows.