Living Willow Planting Instructions
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Living Willow Structure Designs There are many different types of living willow structures you can build in your garden for fun, as a feature,  or as a barrier. The basic principles apply for these living willow structures as in constructing a fedge.  Mark out the design, peg down the groundcover material (If you are using it), plant the living willow rods at regular intervals and finally weave the willow to strengthen the living willow structure. Dome Instructions Place Mypex (weed supressing material) on ground and peg it down. Place a peg in centre of Mypex. Tie one end of string to the peg and other end to a piece of chalk. Use the chalk to mark Mypex as a circle. Cut out Mypex. Roughly speaking thediameter of the dome needs to be about the same length as the living            willow rods you are using This allows for 12 inches of planting and for the rods to overlap each other at the domes apex Don’t forget, the maximum height is only half the diameter ie a 6 foot diameter dome is only          3 foot high! Conversely for a 6 foot high dome the living willow rods will need to be at least 11-12 foot long