RootGrow and Bonemeal Root Builder          
     RootGrow 150g   RootGrow 360g                    RootGrow 2.5L This is an organic mycorrhizal (pronounced my-cor-y-zal) fungi - a friendly fungi for plants which greatly promotes healthy growth.It is the first plant or soil treatment to be licensed byThe Royal Horticultural Society. RHS Gardeners find plants treated with Rootgrow: - Have superior plant establishment with better natural vigour - Overcome re-plant problems more successfully - Have better developed root systems - Are better able to cope with conditions of drought A single application of Rootgrow will support a plant for its entire lifetime.   Westland Bonemeal Root Builder Bonemeal Root Builder is much less expensive than Rootgrow so it's a good option where the cost of RootGrow would be prohibitive. It's an organic slow release fertilizer which enriches the soil encouraging strong and healthy root growth. It's excellent used at the time of planting and it can also be used as a top dressing in Spring for established hedges - even hedges need to be fed! Unlike Rootgrow, which is applied to the roots of the plants, Bonemeal should be mixed through the top soil from the planting hole before re-filling. A 1.5kg pack is sufficient for 30 linear metres of hedging. Home Living willow structures Willow Bed Kits Gift Vouchers Meet The Team Newsletter Testimonials Wigwam kit Arch and fedge kits Dome kits Willow arbour kits Hedges and Windbreaks Willow Cuttings Grow Your Own Woodfuel Delivery Contact