The eventual height of this tree is up to 20m with a rounded crown of up to 10m but if space permits, this is a great addition to a native mixed hedge. It awakens in spring with new leaves and flowers appearing simulataneously. The long-lasting flowers appear from red buds and are held in long drooping clusters, like cotton wool. The leaves are bright green, oval and tooth edged. The cherries have less flesh and are more bitter than the cultivated species, but have the same dark red colour from July and will be quickly stripped from the tree by birds. The autumn colour of the leaves is spectacular. The tree has a neat and tidy shape with a straight trunk (with smooth red brown bark)and a rounded crown. The tree is successful in light shade but fruits better in a sunny position and it does well in most soils and situations other than exposed sites (where the flowers would blow off) and waterlogged soils.
Wild Cherry
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