Willow Cuttings
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Cuttings, Whips, Setts and Slips... ...are all common terms used for Unrooted Hardwood Cuttings. Planting hardwood cuttings is by far the best and easiest method of establishing willow plants. They will establish and grow better than rooted plants, because there  are no roots that need to recover from being disturbed. Even a 1ft cutting will often  grow 6ft or more in the first growing season when planted in weed free soil.
Willow Cuttings Here at Hedges we strongly recommend planting Unrooted Hardwood Cuttings to get the  best results. Unrooted Willow is easier to plant, quicker to establish and grows faster than Bare Rooted Willow  because there is no shock to the organism when planted... Simply make a hole in the ground with a metal bar, insert the willow cutting and then firm back with your heel. As simple as that! Planting Season The planting season starts early December and carries on until late March or early April  (i.e. when the willow is dormant)
Purpose Designed Willow Cutting Kits If you are looking for cuttings to plant for Firewood, Hedges or Craft Beds, please click the buttons below to take you to the appropriate pages.                                         If you want to know more about the Varieties or wish to select your cuttings for a bespoke purpose, then please continue to scroll down this page.
Cutting Sizes Cuttings are available in 1,2,3 and 4ft lengths. 1ft cuttings establish and grow well in weed free conditions and may grow 6ft or more long in the 1st growing season. 2ft cuttings also benefit from weed free conditions. 3ft cuttings prefer weed free conditions but will tolerate some weed competition. 4ft cuttings likewise prefer weed free conditions but are more tolerant of weeds. They are planted 12 to 16 inches deep below most other weed roots and the new shoots get enough light above the weed leaves .As a general rule, shorter cuttings establish and grow well in weed free conditions, whereas longer cuttings have more stored energy and therefore  will establish and grow better in unfavourable conditions.
< 100
1 ft
€0.95 ea.
€0.60 ea.
€0.55 ea.
2 ft
€1.20 ea.
€0.95 ea.
€0.85 ea.
3 ft
€1.70 ea.
€1.55 ea.
€1.45 ea.
4 ft
€2.20  ea.
€1.80 ea.
€1.70 ea.
Willow Cutting Prices. Cuttings are priced according to length and quantity.Varieties may be mixed to obtain quantity price. NB: We have a minimum order value of €50  We are happy to quote for larger orders. The following are normally available, but other varieties may be available sometimes.
  VIMINALIS Osier SUPER WILLOW Very vigorous, producing long straight rods up to 3m+ (1O'+) a year. Traditionally used to make sturdy, practical baskets for fishing and agricultural use. Two year old material is often used for hurdle uprights, furniture, etc. Other uses include living structures, windbreaks, soil stabilisation, waste filtration, fuel production, and artist charcoal. Long leaves and catkins. HARRISONS SEEDLING Originally grown by the Harrison family, well known Willow growers in Berkshire at the end of the 19th century. A productive and colourful variety making it a popular choice for Crafts and Ornamental use. VITELLINA   Rich yellow coloured stems make this a popular variety for landscape work. Can be grown as a shrub or a tree. Suitable for a garden hedge. To Order/Enquire  Phone  0906 663304   0862508805   Advice. We are happy to discuss your personal needs to ensure the success of your willow project. 
Willow Cuttings